How to run your social media business page/profile

Here are a couple of tricks that I found useful, running a couple of social media (facebook in most cases) pages/profiles, call them as you like.

1. You must give your fans/friends something in return. That hasn’t to be something perceptible, that hasn’t to be a ticket for cinema, a free cloud/storage space… It can be just a ‘’good feeling’’. Coca Cola doesn’t give you free Coke for being their fan, they give you nice feeling about holidays… Off course if you have free coke, you can send one as well. Give people what they want.

2. Talk to people. When someone come and see no comments on my blog, they will leave, but when I see that your blog is respected one, I will stay for a while. Off course if you are new, you should wait a little, to be found by the first one.

3. Expert. Make relevant posts/articles from time to time. Off course it depends, if you are a tech blogger, people will only expect relevant facts and reviews, but if you are butter producer, it’s not good to write all the time about butter, and you shouldn’t, but from time to time, you need to publish something ‘’scientific’’, that will made ‘’expert’’ effect.

4. Don’t use people, be friend with them.

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